Workers handing out tubs of canned food.

Serving our communities and beyond

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Serving our communities and beyond

Two bizcom CARES employees having a chat.

Serving our communities and beyond

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Serving our communities and beyond

The Cares of our communities

BizComCares and we show it through our actions by supporting causes important to our communities. We believe that real passion and genuine connections are the only way to leave a lasting impact on the world. It's in our company values, and the work we do every day.

Collaboration for personalized, high-quality service.

Authenticity and integrity win every time.

Results are how you know we deliver on our promise.

Expertise in our industry elevates everything we do.

Serving our communities and beyond.

Our philanthropic program, BizComCARES is how we apply those same values in service to the causes near and dear to our hearts.

How it works

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Will gather employees into centralized hubs based on geographical proximity.

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A year at the minimum, each team will research and select a philanthropic project in their area.

We may choose a cause that speaks to us, or join in on the existing philanthropic efforts of our clients.

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We also provide resources and time for our team members to support individual causes they are passionate about in their communities.

Doing a world of good

From animal shelters to food banks to environmental issues, we're working together to make a difference.

For more information, contact us at [email protected]